Queen Afua Explains The Gateways

The Gateways

What Your Teen Will Overcome

Nut: Overcome the womb diseased teenager & receive womb wellness.

Tehuti: Overcome the gossiping teenager & transform your words into medicine.

Ta-Urt: Overcome the emotional eating teenager & use foods as medicine.

Bes: Overcome the stagnant teenager & learn womb yoga and spiritual fitness.

Het Hru: Overcome the wounded child & magnify your inner and outer beauty.

Nebt-Het: Overcome the intuitively blocked teenager & become an intuitive teenager.

Sekhmet: Overcome the broken teenager & become the medicine teenager.

Ma'at: Overcome the hurt teenager & become the emotionally balanced teenager. 

Ast: Overcome the solo teenager & become an empowered teenager.

Nefer Atum: Overcome & become a teenager of profound vision. 

Seshat: Overcome the procrastinating teenager & become a creator through sacred time.

Meshkenet: Overcome the common & professionally empty teenager & wombnifest your purpose.

Program Features

What Comes With Your Purchase

  • 12 Pre-recorded Masterclasses
  • 12 Sunday live Q&A sessions with Queen Afua or a Master Teacher from the Global Village via Zoom
  • 12 Thursday workshops hosted by Master Teachers via Zoom
  • *Sundays & Thursday classes are also available on-demand inside the online program portal.
  • A Maat feather for your altar
  • A Sacred Woman journal
  • Learn the 12 Gateways of African Natural Lifestyle & Holistic Medicine.
  • Become a holistically balanced, fortified, and energized teenager by implementing an African Natural Lifestyle to your daily routine.
  • Develop lifelong relationships with a network of sacred teens that are aligned and like minded to your journey, vision, and goals.

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